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A number of Italian scholars and professionals living in the Salt Lake City area ensure a strong pool of teachers, presenters, and seminar leaders that help share their knowledge and passion within the ICSL. Past and present University of Utah students and staff also ensure the maintenance and proper functioning of the Italian club. Students often volunteer their time and energy for various activities making the ICSL successful in all its endeavors.

The purpose of the Italian Club of Salt Lake is to preserve, celebrate and foster pride in Italy and Italian culture. We provide opportunities to participate in the authentic Italian experience by sponsoring lectures, classes, study groups, and cultural activities devoted to Italian language, history, literature, cuisine, art and all things Italian.

The Italian Club of Salt Lake (ICSL) was established to promote Italian culture in the Salt Lake community through education and social activities. Our social events serve as an excellent opportunity to meet individuals of similar backgrounds, interests and a love for Italy! Plus, students of the language will be able to put into practice the the vocabulary and concepts learned in the classroom. ALL CLASSES ARE TEMPORARILY BEING HELD ONLINE DUE TO THE CURRENT ONGOING SITUATION.

Beginning Italian I - ONLINE via Zoom

For those who are brand new to the language or need a basic refresher course

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Beginning Italian II - ONLINE via Zoom

A class is for learners who have some background with the Italian language

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Intermediate Italian I - ONLINE via Zoom

A continuation of our Beginning Italian II class

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Intermediate Italian II - ONLINE via Zoom

Advanced learning with an emphasis on complex grammar concepts and conversation

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Advanced Italian I - ONLINE via Zoom

Advanced learning in Italiana and tailor-made content

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Save the dateS!🇮🇹 🗣 ♦️Free Conversation in person♦️ Starting on January 23rd, a conversation class will be hosted every last Wednesday of the month at the Chapman library in SLC (see post for the address) from 6 to 7:30 pm. Come and feel free to invite friends 🔈

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joined the ICSL as a teacher in 2008. Her enthusiasm for teaching has carried over to her leadership of the club. In describing her goals, she says, “I love to see a piece of my Bel Paese in Salt Lake City, a place where people can get a sense of Italy, read Italian books, watch Italian movies, eat together and share inspiring stories”. Giuliana holds a Master’s in Foreign Language Teaching from the University of Utah where she teaches Italian and Italian Civilization. Her favorite period in Italian history is the “Risorgimento”.


Administrator - ICSL Social Media Coordinator

Ciao! I am Isabel, I am a pre-nursing major at the University of Utah with a minor in nutrition and Italian. I did a study abroad in Italy and fell in love with the culture, the language, and the people.I’m the vice president of the italian club at the U of U and would love to bring that passion for the culture to the university.


UofU ICSL President

Hi, my name is Simon Logue. I am the President of the Italian Club at the University of Utah. I have a huge passion for Italian Culture and trying to bring Italian culture to the students at the U of U. My family is Italian from the region of Abruzzo. My family has always kept many Italian traditions, for example, every Lenten my family gets together and makes Pizzelle.


Italian Teacher

Carolina is from Sicily and was raised in Palermo where she studied law. In 2018, she moved to the United States, and in 2021, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Public Policy and Administration. She minored in European Languages, studying Spanish and French, and she had a cluster in Ancient Languages (Latin and Ancient Greek). She has a passion for linguistics, art, and good food. She enjoys singing (although she is bad at it), going to the beach, visiting museums, cooking, but mostly eating good Italian food. She goes back to Italy every year to visit her family and friends. Forza Italia!!!


Italian Teacher

Originally from Catania, Italy, in the beautiful region of Sicily, she has an M.A. in Linguistics and a TESOL Certificate from Brigham Young University, where she also taught Italian for 5 years. She has taught at Salt Lake Community College and currently, she is an adjunct instructor at the University of Utah. She’s had various experiences as a translator, interpreter, and voice recorder. Some of her passions are good food, dance, environment, quotations/proverbs, and transformative conversations. She is a true Italian (especially her accent 🙂), proud of her homeland's flavors, culture, and language. She loves being part of the ICSL team, and always looks forward to the annual Italian Festa, a great opportunity for spreading the Italian language and culture in this beautiful community. One of her favorite quotations is... «One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way» (Frank Smith)."


Italian Teacher, Conversation Lab Organizer

Laura is from Napoli, Italy, where she worked as a pastry chef and cake designer in her small catering company. When she moved to the States, she completed her M.A. in Spanish Literature at the University of Utah. She is trilingual and taught Culinary Arts at college level for 9 years and first, second-year and upper level Spanish classes at the at the University of Utah, Salt Lake Community College, Utah Valley University and Westminster College. Currently, she is a full-time Adult Services librarian at the Salt Lake City Library and is teaching online Spanish courses at SLCC. She loves traveling, reading, cooking and photographing landscapes.


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